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Dominic Monaghan

A community without the fluff for ultimate fans!

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Welcome to dom_anonymous! This community is run by silentwalkaway and chadwinrules. It's a community for Dominic Monaghan fans who want to be kept up to date with everything Dom!

Before you join, we ask that you read the rules that we've set up for this community. These are in place so that hopefully this community can be beneifcial to everyone who stops in!

1. Please keep posts Dom related.

2. We're asking that topics such as Dom's personal life (i.e.-relationships, like the rumour one with Elijah Wood because frankly that annoys the hell out of both of us and such) are left out of this community. The last thing this community needs is a battle of people's opinions about that. This community is dedicated to the actor, the humanitarian, and the all around loveable guy!

3. This is also a Dom claiming community. If you contribute to the community. If you would like to claim something of Dom's, about Dom, or Dom related, please check the list of things that have already been claimed below before you request a claim. Claim requests can be E-mailed to either silentwalkaway at Mercury3883@comcast.net or chadwinrules at biswhop@hotmail.com. Otherwise list what you'd like to claim in your post, and we'll try to keep the claims as updated as possible!

4. If we find out that you are offending anyone, or just causing problems with other community members, we will ask you to leave the community. If a post or comment is causing too much toruble or controversy, we will evaluate the severity of the post or comment in question, and depending on what we decide, the post or comment will be deleted, and the user MAY be asked to leave the community. *Remember* These ground rules have been set up for everyone's benefit. We want this community to run as smoothly as possible!

If you are asked to leave the community, your claims will then be left up for grabs.

5. If you're posting icons, please put them behind a cut if you're going to be posting more than one. Also, if the picture is larger than 200x200 pixels, we ask that you put it behind a cut as well. Also, if you're posting icons, please specify your rules on others taking your icons when you post them.

6. Please don't hotlink any images off of a website. Upload them to your own server. Some good ones are domaindlx.com and photobucket.com

7. All these graphics belong to either chadwinrules or silentwalkaway. The only thing you will be able to take is the link buttons and those need to be uploaded to your own server as well.

So those are our ground rules. Now that you're read them, please feel free to join our community and go Dom crazy!

Link us!:

Please upload to your own server.